The Nuremberg Chronicle

The Nuremberg Chronicle, published by Anton Koberger on December 23, 1493.

A work describing the history of the world from Creation until the present day, this volume contains over 1800 engravings. The publisher, Anton Koberger, was Albrecht Dürer's godfather. As Dürer was apprenticed to Michael Wolgemut, the artist responsible for the engravings, it is assumed that he helped design the woodcuts.

This volume is specifically mentioned by Scott in The Antiquary. The eponymous antiquarian Jonathan Oldbuck argues with his neighbour Sir Arthur Wardour over their respective historical theories. As each man tries to bolster his credentials by claiming descent from a famous historical antiquarian, Oldbuck claims that his ancestor was the typographer of the Nuremberg Chronicle, quoting from the colophon of the book, but inserting a spurious 'Wolfbrand Oldenbuck.'

The book was given to Scott by 'his obliged friend W. Miller', William Richard Beckford Miller (1769-1844), one of the leading British publishers of the early 19th century, and himself the son of an antiquarian.


Nuremberg Chronicle

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