Celebrated former Dean welcomes bullying policy

23 Jan


A NEWLY-INTRODUCED policy on bullying and harassment has received a strong endorsement from one of the Faculty’s most acclaimed former leaders.

Lord Hope of Craighead said he had been “very much impressed” by the move to bring in the policy which maintained and developed “the Faculty’s tradition of fair and equal treatment”.

The policy was launched recently, and Lord Hope, who served as Dean of Faculty before his career on the Bench as Lord President in Scotland and Deputy President of the UK Supreme Court, took note. It is the first in a series of policies to be drafted by the Faculty’s Equality and Diversity Committee.

“We are all conscious of the need, in today’s fast changing world, to eliminate discrimination of all kinds and to promote equality of opportunity,“ Lord Hope commented.

“But these aims need to be actively promoted if changes in the ways that we think and act are to be brought about.  I have been very much impressed by the timely and efficient way in which the Faculty of Advocates has developed and promulgated its clear-sighted policy on bullying and harassment.  The policy document is an excellent example of how leadership can bring about a greater understanding of what is unacceptable, and of how those affected by such conduct can be helped in resolving the problems that it gives rise to. 

“I am delighted that this example of leadership is to be extended to wider issues in the way the Faculty and its stables function and conduct their affairs.  I congratulate all those responsible for taking this initiative, and I wish it all the success that it deserves in maintaining and developing the Faculty’s tradition of fair and equal treatment in the support that it gives to its members and to all who work with them in the services that it provides to the public.”