New Director of Training and Education

06 Dec


THE Faculty has appointed a new Director of Training and Education, Neil Mackenzie, who becomes the sixth member to hold the post.

In announcing the appointment, the Dean of Faculty, Gordon Jackson, QC, thanked all those who had expressed an interest in the “demanding role” after Dr David Parratt, QC, had stepped down.

Mr Mackenzie said: “Nearly 20 years ago, I benefited hugely from my training as a Devil. It is now my privilege to build on the extraordinary work of my predecessors, most recently David Parratt and Claire Mitchell (interim director). 

“The collegiate nature of Faculty is one of its main strengths and I shall draw on its talented members to launch this year’s Devils into their careers and serve the needs of those already in practice.”

The others who have been Director of Training and Education are John Sturrock, QC, Kenneth Campbell, QC, Pino Di Emidio and John Hamilton, QC.