Information for schools

Information for school pupils, parents and teachers - both about the Faculty’s engagement with schools, and for those interested in finding out more about becoming an Advocate.


If you think that you would like to become an Advocate, the first step will usually be to undertake a Scots Law course at one of the Scottish Universities The detailed rules are set out in the Regulations as to Intrants.  The various Universities will be able to advise you as to their entry requirements.

From time to time, the Faculty arranges Open Days where you can attend the Faculty of Advocates to discover more about what life as an Advocate is really like.

The Faculty runs the MiniTrials initiative which allows school pupils to take part in a reconstruction of a criminal trial. It is an enjoyable way for pupils to learn about the Scottish legal system.

Further information about the MiniTrials can be found here or by emailing Michael Upton, the Faculty MiniTrials Coordinator, at

The Faculty also supports the Bar Mock Trial competition, which gives teams of school pupils the opportunity to play the part of Advocates, court staff, jurors and witnesses, in a competitive context.

If you are interested in a career in advocacy, or wish further information on any of these matters, please contact the Faculty of Advocates