Key role for Faculty member in animal welfare reforms

15 Jan

A MEMBER of Faculty is playing a leading role in reforming the law to combat the scourge of puppy farming in Scotland.

Scott Blair, Advocate, will be among those taking part this month in Scottish Government round-table discussions following a consultation on the Licensing of Dog, Cat and Rabbit Breeding Activities in Scotland.

As a co-opted member of the Law Society of Scotland Licensing Law Sub-Committee, and a member of the Scottish Council of the Institute of Licensing, Mr Blair prepared detailed responses to the consultation. The round-table discussions are aimed at taking reform to the next stage.

The Scottish Government wants to improve licensing for dog, cat and rabbit breeding, dealing and selling so that conditions in breeding units in Scotland can be properly controlled and breeders identified when advertising animals for sale.

Mr Blair is a dog owner, and a keen equestrian and a volunteer at a horse rescue charity. He is a member of the UK Animal Law Centre.

He said: “I try to combine my love of animals and my legal practice in protecting and enhancing animal welfare, and it has been a real thrill for me to be asked to become involved in developing reforms which will make our law in this area fit for the 21st Century.

“Current Scots law on dog breeding is badly out of date and the development of the sale of dogs and other animals via the internet, as well as the phenomenon of puppy farming and the involvement of criminal elements in animal breeding, poses real challenges for both animals and society as a whole."