Importance of continued co-operation post-Brexit stressed to MSPs

20 Feb


CO-OPERATION between countries in the fight against crime must continue post-Brexit, the Faculty’s Clare Connelly has told MSPs.

Ms Connelly was one of several witnesses to give evidence to Holyrood’s Justice Committee, on Brexit and policing and criminal justice.

She said that as crime had become a global issue, there had been very positive developments in co-operation within the European family to counter the likes of terrorism, counterfeit goods or the sale of untested drugs on the dark web.

“Co-operation has protected citizens of this country, and it is the view of the Faculty of Advocates that harmonisation, co-operation and mutual recognition must continue,” added Ms Connelly.

“In terms of individual members of the public, they may not be aware how this co-operation impacts on their day-to-day lives and their security, but it does and we must ensure it continues post-Brexit.

“Clearly mutual co-operation is in the interests of all countries, but time is of the essence.”

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