Members of Faculty to serve on new arbitration group

21 Sep

FACULTY members have been appointed to a new Arbitration Court User Group, which will be chaired by the Inner House judge, Lord Glennie.

The group was announced by Lord Clark, a Commercial Court judge and recently-appointed Arbitration Judge, at the Scottish Arbitration Centre’s annual training event.

Lord Clark said: “The principal purpose of the group is to provide a forum for consultation, discussion and feedback on arbitration matters that come before the court, involving judges, legal professionals and others with relevant expertise.

“The primary focus will be consideration of practice and procedure. As a result of carrying out this function, the group may in due course be able to offer views on the operation and effectiveness of the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010.”

Members of the group will include Robert Howie, QC, Garry Borland, QC, and Jonathan Broome, Advocate. Full details here

Next week, the Faculty is holding an Arbitration in Scotland Conference, at which Lord Glennie is to deliver the keynote lecture. Details at