No escaping some things…

09 May


You might be able to escape the Scottish weather by travelling thousands of miles around the globe, but, as the Faculty’s Bill Frain-Bell discovered, other reminders of home are more difficult to shake off.

Bill went to India where he has been instructed in an arbitration, and his time in Mumbai was memorable.

“The local lawyers are very well informed and when not talking about cricket, the chat soon turns to Brexit and IndyRef2  - after which they are made to hear all about the Faculty of Advocates and the benefits of holding international arbitrations in Scotland,” he said.

“Mumbai, or Bombay as the locals still insist on calling it, has a population of more than 21 million and the pace is frenetic. The morning drive from the hotel is akin to a F1 race without any safety cars or race marshals, and would make much better television. There are no rules other than to keep going at all costs. Pedestrians have no rights and Saturday is a working day, so there isn’t much let up in the traffic. On Sunday, the same roads are turned into impromptu cricket pitches and so the danger level remains, but from a greater height!”