29 Mar


The Faculty was delighted to welcome two sets of overseas students on visits to Scotland.

A group of law students from the Erasmus Honours Law College, Rotterdam, Netherlands, enjoyed a tour of the Advocates Library as part of their itinerary.

Peggy Tchai, their mentor, said: “We learned a lot about the Scottish law system, that differs from the Dutch system in a lot of ways. We were very impressed by the collections of historic books from all over the world and the work ethic of the people that come to the Library daily to exercise their profession in law.

“If one thing stayed with us from this visit, it is that the Scottish law system is one that we hope will never lose its tradition and elegance. We want to thank the kind people of the Advocates Library for their warm welcome, and maybe some of us will come back to Scotland for their LL.M!”

A visit to Parliament House by students from the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France, has become a regular event on the Faculty’s calendar – forged through the connection of former Clerk of Faculty, Andrew Stewart, QC, (now Lord Ericht) who was a visiting lecturer at the University.

He said: “The French students were fascinated by the spectacle of a busy Parliament Hall with the traditional wigs and gowns, but at the same time smart phones and laptops. They were very grateful for a real insight into our courts and the life of an advocate.  Their visit to the Faculty was one of the highlights of their study trip to Edinburgh.”