New Faculty group to celebrate appointment of Euro Judge Ian Forrester

27 Jan


A new Faculty group is looking forward to hosting an event to celebrate the recent appointment of a Scottish advocate to the General Court in Luxembourg.

The Advocates Group on European Union Law (AGEUL) has brought together senior and junior counsel with a shared interest and expertise in EU law.

Fittingly, Judge Ian Forrester, a long-recognised EU law expert and UK Judge of the General Court of the European Union, will be the guest speaker at the group’s official launch on Friday, 19 February, in the Laigh Hall.

“It is a privilege to have the most recently appointed UK Judge in Luxembourg accept our invitation to give a presentation to the Faculty,” said Peter Sellar, Chair of AGEUL.

“It is fantastic that he is coming over. It will be an occasion to celebrate the appointment of another Scot to the European Court - something we should be proud of - and we are very happy to launch the group at the same time.

“This time last year, we put out a call to Faculty to see who might be interested in setting up a group. It was recognised that EU law is not always at the forefront of Scottish lawyers’ minds, but it can play an important role in many areas, as shown by the advocates who have joined the group; they come from many backgrounds – family law, commercial law, public law, criminal law, personal injury law.

“It was also felt that we could provide a source for EU law updates which will be relevant for Scottish practice, and that will be done through our website. It is simple to register to receive an email every time an update is posted.”

The website is at

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