New video details work of Scottish Law Commission

03 Aug

The Faculty and the Scottish Law Commission have worked together to produce a detailed study of the Commission and its law reform work.

A 25-minute video features SLC Chairman, Lord Pentland, and former Dean of Faculty, James Wolffe, QC, in discussion.

They look back on the work of the Commission in the last year – it celebrated its golden jubilee in 2015 – and explore some of the projects being undertaken currently.

Lord Pentland pays tribute to the roles of both the Faculty and the Law Society of Scotland in law reform.

He says: “I think I should stress how substantial the contribution made by both the Faculty and the Law Society is to all our work. We are extremely grateful for this. Many members of the practising profession give up time to contribute to our projects. They read our discussion papers…and they serve on our advisory groups.

“Something which has struck me in my two years as Chairman is the enormous amount of goodwill which exists towards the Commission out there in the wider community and particularly in the legal community.”

Lord Pentland is hoping to tap into another rich source of knowledge to further the Commission’s work.

“I am interested in the idea of developing collaborative arrangements between the Law Commission and the university law schools. There is a fantastic pool of academic talent available on a very wide range of subjects. There has always been a strong relationship between the Law Commission and the academic community and I think there are ways in which we can consider harnessing that talent to support our projects.”

The video can be seen by clicking here.