New members welcomed to Faculty

03 Jun


Two new members have been welcomed to the Faculty, and reminded of their role in helping the 21st century Bar to serve Scotland and its people.

Jacqueline Fordyce and Roddy MacLeod were admitted to membership of the Faculty, and to the public office of advocate.

In the first part of the ceremony, the Dean of Faculty, James Wolffe, QC, said the Faculty was one of Scotland’s great national institutions and full of women and men of ability and skill who had been prepared to dedicate themselves to professional advocacy.

“Throughout its history, the Faculty has played a central role in the maintenance and development of Scotland’s law, as well as in the wider cultural and intellectual life of the nation. Today, the Faculty continues to build on that history, adapting, as it has always adapted, so that it can continue to serve the people of Scotland in that central role.

“As long as the Faculty continues to use its traditions as an inspiration to excellence, as long as it continues to be clear about its responsibility to serve the people of Scotland and the public interest, as long as it continues to be open and outward-looking and forward-thinking, as long as it continues to attract women and men of commitment and talent such as you are, the Faculty has every reason to be confident and optimistic about its place in 21st century Scotland.”

In a second part of the ceremony, Lady Wolffe administered the declaration of allegiance to the new members and admitted them, on behalf of the Supreme Courts of Scotland, to the public office of advocate.

She said: “This is a position of privilege and responsibility. On you rests the burden of maintaining the rule of law, protecting the vulnerable, and holding wrongdoers, even governments, to account. Consistently with your duty to the Court, you must be forthright in defence of your client’s interests.”

Ms Fordyce grew up in north-east Fife. She graduated Bachelor of Laws from the University of Edinburgh in 2006, and trained and qualified as a solicitor with Fyfe Ireland in Edinburgh and also practised with Tods Murray. She was admitted as a Writer to the Signet in 2011. In 2013, she graduated from the University of Strathclyde with the degree of Master of Laws in Advocacy. Prior to commencing devilling, she was Law Clerk to the Lord Justice Clerk (Lord Carloway).

Mr MacLeod grew up in Edinburgh. He attended the University of Glasgow and obtained the Bachelor of Laws degree in 1997, before going on to graduate Master of Laws from the University of Amsterdam. He qualified as a solicitor with Wright Johnston and Mackenzie, and practised for 14 years until deciding to join the Bar.  He is a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Scottish Rugby Union, and is a retained firefighter and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fire Fighters Charity.