Book festival slot for QC

11 Sep


FACT will meet fiction, with a Faculty feel, at this year’s Blairgowrie, Rattray and The Glens’ book festival, BOOKMARK.

Brian McConnachie, QC, knows all about true-life crime as one of the country’s foremost defence counsel, while Denise Mina is an author whose novels have captured repeated awards and taken her into the Crime Writers’ Association Hall of Fame.

Their discussion of her book, The Long Drop, about the Peter Manuel case, promises to be a highlight of BOOKMARK, over the weekend of 5-7 October.

“Like many older lawyers, I find the Manuel case a fascinating one from all angles. I'm very much looking forward to discovering why Denise chose Peter Manuel for this fact meets fiction novel,” said Mr McConnachie.

Also at BOOKMARK, a Faculty member of the past, Sir Walter Scott, will be the topic of conversation between Allan Massie, author of The Ragged Lion, a fictional memoir of Scott, and Magnus Linklater.

Both events are on Saturday, 6 October - Mina/McConnachie at 10am and Massie/Linklater at 11:30am - in Blairgowrie Community Campus.

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