Address to a Haggis, Syrian-style

06 Feb


Around 100 Syrian parents and children enjoyed some unique Scottish hospitality - and Address to a Haggis in Arabic - at a Burns Supper hosted by the Faculty.

The event was held in the Grassmarket Community Project, Edinburgh, and was organised through the charity, The Welcoming.

After being greeted by the Dean of Faculty, Gordon Jackson, QC, the guests enjoyed the sight and sound of the haggis being piped in and addressed.

“In what appears to be a world first, an Arabic translation of the address was provided by Abdullah Eas, a postgraduate student at St Andrews,” said Laura Dunlop, QC, one of the driving forces behind the supper.

“Adil, of The Welcoming, had prepared a presentation about Burns in Arabic, and this was narrated by Abeer, a Syrian TV presenter. Adil’s son sang Auld Lang Syne in English, and someone from the group sang it in Arabic.

“Activities for children were on offer, and we saw children from Scotland and Syria playing together.”

Ms Dunlop said the guests, who are living across Edinburgh and beyond, had enjoyed the chance to get together, and selfies with men in kilts proved very popular!

“We think everyone had a good time. It was all captured for posterity by Trina McKendrick, who is making a film about the experience of Syrian refugees in Edinburgh,” she added.

“Adil praised the event which, he said, was notable for offering the Syrians an opportunity to give, as well as to receive. Grateful thanks are due to all those from the Faculty who helped make it such a successful and memorable evening.”