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Instructing an Advocate

Advocates (sometimes referred to as "Counsel") can be instructed by a solicitor or others with direct access rights (direct access bodies). They offer a special and independent service, quite separate and distinct from that provided by solicitors.

You can search the Faculty membership database in a number of ways:

Find an Advocate:
Alternatively you can try a free text search over all the pages in the Faculty website:

Advocates' Clerks and Deputies are available to assist solicitors and others with direct access rights in selecting and instructing Counsel.

The Scottish Bar is generalist in nature and most advocates undertake a wide range of work. Advocates have given an indication of particular areas of interest and solicitors may find it useful to search through this. However, as these listings are not comprehensive and other advocates also have experience in these areas, the best source of guidance for those wishing to instruct Counsel is the clerk.

Detailed arrangements relating to Counsel’s fees are embodied in a formal Scheme. If a fee charged is considered to be unreasonable in the circumstances, the matter can be referred to the Auditor of the Court of Session for independent arbitration.

2002 Scheme pdf icon Download (.pdf - 153KB)
2008 Scheme pdf icon Download (.pdf - 74KB)
Revised 2008 Scheme pdf icon Download (.pdf - 74KB)

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