Tractatus juridicus de transactionibus, a dissertation by Guidobaldus Anastasius. Innsbruck, 1675.

The engraved plate displayed contains an inset portrait of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705) and his second wife Claudia Felicitas, heiress of Tyrol. It is signed 'B. Kilian sculp:'.

Bartholomaus Kilian II (1630-1696) was a part of an extensive dynasty of German engravers from Ausburg. The completed an apprenticeship with his father, Wolfgang Kilian, showing early and remarkable talent, and in 1648. His father sent him to Matthaeus Merian I in Frankfurt am Main, with whom he remained for two and a half years. He spent the next three years in paris with the engraver Francois de Poilly, from whom he learnt the technique of French portrait engraving. At the same time he studied and reproduced the work of the French court painters. An important part in his education was played by Flemish and French painting, as disseminated by such engravers as Robert Nanteuil and Claude Mellan.