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The SLCC has issued the following guidance to the professional bodies:

Practitioners should ensure that clients, or others, who may wish to express dissatisfaction with a practitioner or firm, should be advised of the SLCC as the appropriate gateway for complaints at an appropriate time.

How do I make a complaint?

From 1st October 2008 all complaints against legal practitioners should be directed to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC).

The Commission's website can be found at

Some information regarding SLCC time limits can be found here.

Before taking this formal step you should raise your complaint with the practitioner concerned and seek a response.

What can the Commission do?

All complaints come through the SLCC in the first instance. The Commission deals with complaints about the service provided by legal practitioners. Complaints about conduct are passed to the Faculty of Advocates who will investigate them.

The Commission also has the power to deal with complaints about the way the Faculty has handled an investigation. These "handling complaints" were previously dealt with by the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman (SLSO).

Making a complaint -

Handling complaint information -

Complaint forms -

Conduct and services complaint process -

What can the Faculty do?

The Faculty can consider conduct complaints against its members. Further information on how this takes place can be found in the Faculty's Summary and also in the Disciplinary Rules and Guide to Conduct.

When should I make a complaint?

You should complain as soon as possible as certain time-limits are in operation. Complaints which are not made within one year of the service or conduct complained of may not be able to be considered. If you wish to complain about the way the Faculty has handled your complaint, you should contact the SLCC within 6 months.

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