LL.B (Hons) University of Glasgow

Dip.L.P. University of Glasgow

Special interests

Personal Injury

Professional liability and regulation

Public and fatal accident inquiries

Public law, including judicial review and human rights


Ruth's areas of practice include judicial review, proceeds of crime, professional negligence, insurance litigation, personal injury and property disputes. 

Ruth came to the Bar on completion of her post as Legal Assistant to the Lord President. She quickly established and has maintained an extensive and varied civil practice in which she has conducted cases at all stages of the legal process. Ruth is regularly instructed in lengthy and complex cases, requiring a disciplined and committed approach to case preparation and presentation. She appears in cases involving a wide range of complicated legal and factual issues and demonstrates an aptitude for quickly mastering, and ably presenting, the issues. Ruth was an ad hoc Advocate Depute (2010-2016) and has been a Standing Junior to the Scottish Government since 2012. She is currently Second Standing Junior to the Scottish Government (2016 - present). She is also Chair of the Fitness to Practice Panel of the SSSC (2017-present).



ABC v. Principal Reporter; XY v. Principal Reporter [2020] UKSC 26

Warner v Scapa Flow Charters [2018] UKSC 52

Whitehouse and Clark v. Chief Constable, Police Scotland and Lord Advocate [2019] CSIH 52

Dean v. Scottish Ministers [2019] HCJAC 31

Docherty’s Exrs v Secretary of State [2018] CSIH 57


Sun Sets on Dawn Raids, 2000 SLT(news)271

Intervention - in the Public Interest? 2000 SLT(news)87

Articles in the Scottish Parliament Law Review